What is a Triangle Body Shape?

Understanding your body shape is the key to unlocking your personal style and feeling confident in what you wear. Among the various body shapes, the triangle body shape (sometimes known as the pear shape) is characterised by having narrower shoulders and a wider lower half. If you feel as though you have this shape and are never too sure on what to wear to complement your figure, we’re here to help. Just keep reading as we delve into what defines a triangle body shape and what styling tips can help you accentuate your best features.

What defines a triangle body shape?

The triangle body shape is defined by your shoulders being narrower than your hips. This typically means that you have fuller hips and thighs, while your upper body, including your bust and shoulders, are smaller in proportion. Embracing your triangle body shape means understanding how to balance your proportions and create visual harmony in your outfits.

How to dress a triangle body shape?

One of the most important things to remember when you’re dressing a triangle body shape is to opt for mid or high-waisted designs that work to show off your smaller waistline. One of our favourite high-waisted pieces is our Shaheen Salim Classic Pencil Skirt. This structured maxi skirt is perfect for accentuating your curves while maintaining a sleek look. A key thing to remember is that you are trying to find balance in your outfits so try to avoid tight fitting tops where you can. Instead, pair your long skirt with a loose-fitted blouse or t-shirt and top it off with a cropped jacket. 

Similarly, our Shaheen Salim Wrap Maxi Skirt is another great option for triangle figures. Like our classic maxi skirt, this long skirt is also fitted but not skin-tight. While that may not seem like a big distinction, it’s helpful to understand that fitted skirts are more flattering than figure-hugging pieces, as they help draw the eye upwards to create more balance.


With this style your eye naturally follows the ruching detail upwards, again, creating that balance. This cut of the skirt would look stunning when styled with a silky short-sleeved shirt or even a chunky jumper with a high neck.


In terms of footwear, stilettos and open-toe heels are always a good idea. The additional height will help elongate your legs and give the illusion of an hourglass figure. It’s also best that you opt for more neutral colourways like black, grey and camel.


While our Ruffle Side Skirts are a stylish choice, they might not be the best option for those with triangle figures. The ruffles can add volume to the hips, which might not be the most flattering look. Instead, we recommend styles that enhance your natural silhouette, ensuring you feel your most confident and chic.


When selecting outfits for your triangle body shape, focus on balancing out your figure. Opt for fitted or loose tops with details like statement sleeves to draw attention upwards. Avoid skirts with heavy embellishments, as they can add unnecessary volume. Instead, choose streamlined pieces and footwear that elongate your legs for a more proportional appearance.