What is a Hourglass Body Shape?

The hourglass body shape is often celebrated for its balanced proportions, with a defined waistline and curves that create a silhouette akin to an actual hourglass. If you have this balanced body type, you'll want to choose layers that accentuate your natural shape while still defining your waist. Let's explore the characteristics of the hourglass shape and find out which of our Shaheen Salim skirts are the perfect match for you.

What defines an hourglass shape?

Typically, women with this body shape have a well-defined waistline that is noticeably smaller than their chest and hips. Their shoulders and hips are usually of similar width which creates an overall balanced appearance. With this in mind, it's important to choose clothing that enhances your curves without overwhelming your frame.

How to dress an hourglass body shape?

For those with hourglass figures, selecting the right clothing can truly enhance your natural curves and highlight your narrow waistline. Our Shaheen Salim Classic Pencil Skirt is a prime example, cut in a tailored fit, this skirt sits perfectly around your mid-section and accentuates your waistline. Pair it with a fitted top for a sleek and refined look. Add a structured blazer and a statement belt to define your waist even further and finish the ensemble with heels that elongate your figure for a polished finish.

One of our most popular long skirts for women with an hourglass shape is our Shaheen Salim Wrap Maxi Skirt. The benefit of wearing a wrap skirt is that the adjustable wrap design nips you in at the waist, accentuating the narrow midsection while the wrap effortlessly cascades down the leg, creating interest and shape. Enhance your frame by pairing your wrap maxi skirt with another fitted blouse and cropped blazer that will still show off your waistline.


If you want to be more daring with dressing for your hourglass figure, why not try one of our Ruffle Side Skirts? The playful ruffle detailing adds volume and interest to the lower half, perfectly balancing out your proportions. The eye will naturally follow the ruffle up the leg and around the curve of the hips. You could either opt for another long-sleeve-fitted shirt or take it to the next level with a chiffon blouse tucked in. By styling the tailored silhouette of the skirt with a loose-fitting blouse, you can create a contrast that feels more luxurious whilst still flattering your figure.


Just remember that when you’re selecting layers to wear with an hourglass figure, you should think about what will help balance out proportions and elongate the silhouette. Opt for necklines like V-necks or scoop necks to draw attention to your balanced figure. Avoid shoes with ankle straps or chunky details that visually shorten the legs. Instead, choose footwear with minimal embellishments to maintain a proportional appearance. Don’t forget, nude or neutral-toned shoes can also help create the illusion of longer legs too!